BeerMapper app - Dogfish Head 9 Minute Imperial IPA detail view

BeerMapper app is an iOS app that learns your palate simply by having you rate each beer you drink, then makes extremely accurate predictions on how well you will like every other beer you might want to try, including recommending the best matches for you.  The proprietary technology contains the most sophisticated recommendation engine ever created for beer lovers.  The more you use it, the more accurate it is!

“Craft beer and wine often elicit similar feelings – people love to love them but are often overwhelmed by their complexities and the vast selection.  BeerMapper takes the mystery out of the selection process by learning your palate and making recommendations specifically for you.”

- Joseph Sheahan, CEO, Savvo Digital Sommelier Solutions

BeerMaper app. Personalized recommedations from the most powerful beer recommendation engine on the planet.

BeerMapper harnesses the crowdsourcing power of beer reviews to provide personal recommendations and intuitive visual maps that enable beer lovers to easily discover new beers or styles, and to better understand the nuances of their personal tastes.  A lot of apps claim to make recommendations, but BeerMapper uses state-of-the-art methods that actually learn your preferences.  The recommendation engine includes an ensemble of powerful yet sensitive algorithms created by experts in computer learning and recommendation algorithms.  Simply by rating the beers you have tasted, the app can predict how much you will like other beers by picking up on cues and patterns hidden in your ratings.

The underlying technology used in BeerMapper will be expanded to encompass wine and will eventually be combined with our in-store kiosk to help shoppers make decisions when and where it is needed the most - at the point of purchase.  Additional mobile platforms are also in the works for both categories. Stay tuned for more developments!

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